Make your own cough candies

No more sore through, thanks to this remedy…

Fly season has started, nothing says that the summer is gone like fiver, sore through and a cough. That is why we are presenting you the easiest way to save yourself from that annoying cough.

All you need for this home remedy is

one ginger root

one cup of water

one cup of sugar

half lemon

one tablespoon honey

ground cloves

powdered sugar

How to make it?

First you need to take the ginger root, cut it in to small peaces and than grind it until it becomes a thick mixture. Put it in a pot with water, sugar, honey, and a pinch of ground clove and lemon juice. Wait it until it boils and after leave it so you can allow it to cool. The mixture should have honey density.

Next you should take a flat tray and cover it with baking paper. Using a teaspoon make drops of the mixture on the paper. Sprinkle of the powdered sugar on top. When the drops cool off completely, they will be hard like candy, store them in a jar and take them when you need them.

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