Benefits of drinking coffee

Many people can’t imagine their morning without coffee. Possibly the most popular drink is often topic of various researches. We tell you the good side of this everyday drink

Drinking coffee is often associated with many diseases, but the latest studies show that coffee is not that  bad as we used to think.

Benefits of drinking coffee

Four or more coffees daily reduce the risk of mouth and throat cancer by 39%.

The women that consume four or more coffees a day reduce the risk of stroke by 20%. This is percentage is bigger if they are not smokers.

Drinking coffee can prolong life.

Coffee breaks after lessons improve memory, new information are more easily stored.

Man who drink plenty of coffee have 60% lower risk of prostate cancer.

People who regularly consume coffee are less likely to get any heart disease.

The women that drink dark coffee have lower risk of breast cancer.

Other benefits worth mention include:

  80% lower risk of Parkinson’s disease.

25% lower risk of colon cancer

80% lower  risk of liver cirrhosis

it helps with asthma

lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

if you add lemon to your coffiee it eliminates headache

improves mood

accelerates metabolism

improves concentration

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